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MamboPay started out as a financial technology company focused solely on enabling payments in hard to reach areas such as refugee settlements. It also ventured in voucher-based payments to support conditional and non-conditional payments in humanitarian contexts.

MamboPay later transformed its business model to include software development but with key focus on developing software solutions that solve day-to-day community challenges.

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MamboPay prides itself in the strong use of base-of-the-pyramid technologies such as SMS, USSD, IVR and Apps to impact on the community. With our strong African roots, we easily understand the pain-points of the local African person and hence we prefer to appeal to his/her needs through simple technologies.

We hire local talent especially youths and women who connect with challenges of the community and hence are in the best position to design better suitable solutions for their communities.

Fast And Secure Payments

We leverage world-standard solution architecture and have all security licences to ensure we deliver secure payments.

Award winning Solutions

Our solutions have won both local and international awards, a thing that shows appreciation of our services.

Pocket Friendly Billing

Our solutions come with a pocket friendly rating as compared to competition. We charge resonable fees.

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How MamboPay Vouchers Work

Consider a scenario where an NGO wants to distribute cash to farmers for the sole purpose of buying seeds to plant for the new season. To achieve this, NGOs are offered a portal that they can use to make a bulk transfer of eVouchers which are received by beneficiaries in form of an SMS or directly loaded on beneficiary MamboPay cards. These can then be redeemed from participating merchants. The eVouchers are non-transferable and hence can't be exchanged for cash.

Note that, un-used Vouchers are reversed back to the sender hence un-used funds are never lost. Each voucher has an expiry date.

How Much Can I Recive?

How Do MamboPay cards work?

MamboPay cards are plastic cards with a unique card number to act as a unique identifier of the card holder. The cards can be customised to suit the purpose e.g can bear owner photograph, name etc. Cards can be credited directly from MobileMoney wallets (MTN/Airtel) or through agent portals. Cards can accept both cash as well as eVouchers. Cash can be withdrawn from any of our agents while eVouchers can be redeemed from participating merchants.

The MamboPay cards can be used in financially excluded communities e.g refugee settlements, boarding schools etc

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How Bulk Payments Work?

Assume an organisation wants to pay its casual labourers via mobile money since these labourers do not own bank accounts. It would be a tiring task for such an organisation to transfer mobile money for thousands of beneficiaries if done manually. However, our bulk payments platform allows such organisations to upload benefiary details and in one button click be able to transfer mobile money to thousands of benefiary phones.

Our bulk payments platform also verifies the beneficiary names before making the bulk transfer. It detects any name discrepancies and warns the sender before payment is made.

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What Mobile Money wallets is MamboPay integrated To?

MTN and Airtel MobileMoney.
Absolutely, we can help integrate your system to any third party service. All you need to do is reach out and share details of the integration.
Yes, our custom ERP/ePOS system is already integrated on URA EFRIS.
Yes, it can support any ERP/POS integration on EFRIS.
YES, We develop both online and offline solutions and have vast experience building solutions that work in hard to reach areas such as refugee settlements.
We bill according to the nature of the project. All I can say is, we are flexible and our rates are all pocket friendly. Reach out via email and share your project details then we can quote for you.

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