Powering Digital Vouchers and Cards

MamboPay Card

Send Pocket money and school fees to your child via mobile money. It’s safe and secure.

MamboPay Vouchers

For transparency, accountability, personal or organizational finance management.

Bulk Payments & Collections

NGOs and Companies can make bulk payments or accept Mobile Money collections using our API

Pocket Money and School Fees Remittance

MamboPay enables transfer of funds from mobile money to a Card in order to simplify payment for goods and services by swiping or scanning the card.

The MamboPay Card is enabling parents be able to send pocket money easily to their kids in boarding schools. The Parents transfer funds from their Mobile Money Wallets straight to the Student Card via USSD.

By acquiring a MamboPay card, one is able to make transactions at all point of sale terminals that accept MamboPay cards.

The MamboPay Card has enabled us serve the financially excluded groups such as the students.

MamboPay Vouchers

The Vouchers are purpose bond to a service. Consumers redeem a voucher by presenting it at the time of paying for the service. The voucher based payment solution enables individuals or organizations to send funds to various beneficiaries in form of purpose-tied vouchers.

MamboPay vouchers include:

Shopping Vouchers

School Fees Vouchers

Medical Vouchers

Pockect Money Vouchers

Food Vouchers

Fuel Vouchers

Bulk Payments and Collections

NGOs and Companies can make bulk payments or accept Mobile Money collections. Make a request on our website and wait for response to e-mail within 15-30 minutes from the time of the request during business hours.

Why MamboPay

Transparency, Accountability, Personal and Organizational Finance Management

Enables individuals, businesses and organizations to easily accept cashless transactions in form of digital vouchers. You can either use your Phone or the MamboPay Card for the transactions.

MamboPay Supports

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer
  • Bill payments
  • Fees & Tuition
  • Donations & fundraising
  • Point-of-Sale and merchant payments
  • Entertainment and event tickets
  • Banking services

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