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Company story
MAMBOPAY is a payment solution that leverages digital vouchers to ensure the proper use of funds and hence accountability in payments. With our digital vouchers and cards, we eliminate the use of cash in making payments for goods and services since cash is such a big temptation that could easily lead to misuse of funds. Our vouchers are purpose-bound and can only be redeemed for the intended purpose e.g seed vouchers can only be used to redeem seeds, fuel vouchers can only be used to redeem fuel, school fees vouchers can only be used to pay school fees etc.

Opportunities / Problem Space
MamboPay is addressing 3 key challenges in day to day use of digital financial transactions:

  1. Transparency
  2. Accountability
  3. Personal Finance management

The MamboPay Card has enabled us serve the financially excluded groups such as the students.

Charles Muhindo

MamboPay - CEO

Go-To Market Partners

We offer a totally new experience
  • MTN Uganda – We are partnering with MTN Uganda, the biggest mobile network operator with a subscriber base of 9 million on mobile money. MamboPay is available directly on the MTN USSD menu and with local language translation. This means, MamboPay service can be accessed by any type of phone including feature phones.
  • Microsoft 4AFrika – Microsoft Cloud platform, Azure, provides us a Scalable, Reliable, and Secure platform, which is also highly Available; necessary attributes of any financial system.

Why people choose us

We are Powering Digital Vouchers

MamboPay offers prepaid and postpaid services depending on the needs of the client.

  • Prepaid Service: MamboPay’s prepaid service allows clients to buy coupons off mobile money before sending them out to the beneficiaries. In this case, when the coupon is redeemed, the merchant (Service Provider) account is credited with Mobile Money.
  • Postpaid Service: MamboPay’s postpaid service allows clients to send coupons to the beneficiaries without using mobile money. In this case, the coupons do not carry any monetary value but instead are being used for identification and accountability purposes only. When the coupons are redeemed, the merchant (service provider) account is not credited with Mobile Money. In this scenario, the coupon sender is expected to pay the service provider outside MamboPay’s ecosystem.

Our Team

The rest of the story is about our values, our people, our passion, and our way of running a business.